Basic Palm Tree Care




Palm Tree Care

Palm trees are not as drought resistant as you may think. Healthy palms planted in turf need occasional deep watering in addition to sprinkler irrigation. Palms should also have a mulched area around the trunk so not to get nicked from weeding equipment that can introduce disease.

Often our customers want their palms trimmed up like a carrot but according to the agricultural studies at the University of Arizona trimming palms up past the horizontal like this can cause added stress to the tree.

Palms in general are very hearty and provide wonderful shade in the summer months. They also provide shade and shelter to many pests like scoprions and pigeons. Trimming and skinning the trees does help reduce the habitat for these pests and we are agreeable to trim the trees to your specifications.

For more information on the care and feeding of your Arizona palm trees download the article called Arizona Landscape Palms written by Elizabeth Davison Department of Plant Sciences, University of Arizona and
John Begeman from t he Pima County Cooperative Extension. The article is in PDF Adobe reader format that you can download below.




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